2018 Special Events & News


Our Shenandoah Caverns Cafe has traditionally only been open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but for the first time we will be open for the winter season. The seasonal menu for the winter will include comfort foods such as hot soup and grilled cheese, as well as quick options like wraps. Plus coffee, hot tea, and hot chocolate, perfect for a comforting warm up on a cold day.


Cafe Menu


The cafe is an original Bastian Blessing soda fountain from 1957. There used to be over 200,000 of these soda fountains in the US, but there are less than 200 left today.



Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday, March 31

Join us for our 2nd annual Easter Egg Hunt to kick off the opening of American Celebration for the season! The hunts will begin at 10:30 AM. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to get checked in. Attendance will be limited to the first 100 kids for each age group. RSVPs will begin online one month before the event, so check back to RSVP your child around March 1. Last year we hid over 3,200 eggs! Eggs will have candy or Easter-themed toys inside.



American Fright Night Haunted Attraction

October 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 & 31 from 7 to 9:30 PM

American Fright Night returns to American Celebration on Parade starting October 12! Giant parade floats in the dark? Scary enough. Turn it into a 40,000 sq ft haunted attraction with scary scenes from your worst nightmares around every bend? Truly terrifying. The cost is only $13 per person, or $10 for Shenandoah County Schools students with ID.


Is it scary? Yes, the attraction is scary. We do not recommend it for children under age 12. Admission is nonrefundable once purchased, even if you choose not to enter once you hear the screams.

How long will it take? It generally takes around 15-20 minutes to go through the attraction, though times differ based on how fast you walk (or run!).

How many people go through in a group? We prefer to send a maximum of 5-6 people through together in a group. The fewer the number in your group, the better the scare factor. However, if you come with a slightly larger group then we'll be happy to let you enter together.

How do I get tickets? Tickets can be purchased at the door or online. Check back in August for online tickets.


DISCLAIMER: This attraction reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. You will experience intense audio, lighting, low visibility, strobe-lights, fog, special effects, sudden actions, and an overall physically demanding environment. You should NOT ENTER a haunted house if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, prone to seizures, physical ailments, respiratory, or any type of medical problem, or are pregnant, or suffer any form of mental disease, including claustrophobia. DO NOT ENTER the attraction if you are intoxicated, wearing any form of cast, medical brace, using crutches, or have any type of physical limitations. Do not enter the attraction if you are taking medications or using drugs of any type. You will not be admitted if any of these conditions are to be noticed by our staff. DO NOT ENTER IF YOU SUFFER FROM | ASTHMA | HEART CONDITIONS | SIEZURES | OR ANY TYPE OF MENTAL, PHYSICAL, RESPITORY, OR MEDICAL PROBLEMS. DO NOT smoke, run, eat, or drink inside the attraction. Additionally, there is no touching of actors, customers, or props inside the attraction. No video or flash photography may be taken inside the attraction. You will not be admitted and will be asked to leave the property if any of these rules are not followed. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Your ticket is a revocable license and may be taken and admission refused upon refund of purchased price. Holder of this ticket understand that there is inherent risk involved with attending this attraction. Holder voluntarily assumes all risks and dangers associated with participation in this attraction. In consideration and acceptance of entrance into this attraction, holder agrees to release the operator, its parent corporations, affiliates, officers, directors, and employees, and landlord from any liability, harm, injury, or death, cost of expense whatsoever that may arise directly or indirectly, from attending this attraction or any of the attractions at this location.